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No newline at end of file

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  • Aaron
    Re: No newline at end of file

    Thanks for the information. We are aware of the issue, but the quick reference material for 'how we should fix it' is nice and useful. I've appended that information to the bug report.

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  • microbeclarke
    started a topic No newline at end of file

    No newline at end of file

    Beyond Compare does not produce a "\ No newline at end of file" marker when one is required for Unified Diffs. This can cause errors when supplying diffs to a patch program that will apply the patch to a base version. Is there an option to turn this feature on, otherwise can it be added to the product?

    From Wikipedia (

    "As a special case, unified diff expects to work with files that end in a newline. If either file does not, unified diff will emit the special line
    \ No newline at end of file
    after the modifications. The patch program should be aware of this."