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  • Partial folder sync

    Dear BC-

    I would like to synchronize a partial set of folders. We have a large project folder on the server of which I only use a subset. I am out of the office quit often and thus save files to my local drive then copy up. Sometimes, I also need to pull new documents from the server.

    Can BC perform a "subset" sync?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Partial folder sync

    So you have a Projects/ folder you want to sync to a Projects/ folder, but only certain sub folders (Projects/A, and Projects/B, but not Projects/C).

    How many folders are there? One way is to set Projects/ on both sides as the base folders, then click the Filters button (glasses icon button on the right side). Set up Folder Filters to Include only the folders you want to sync. You can list them individually, or use *mask characters. There are also [] characters for containing lists. (More detailed information on masking file/folder filters can be found in the help file. If you need further assistance, just ask).

    Save this comparison as a Session (Sessions menu on the left side) and you will be able to easily return to it, and its filters.
    Aaron P Scooter Software