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Save multiple comparisons in single session

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  • Save multiple comparisons in single session

    Also, is it possible to save comparisons of two (or more) sets of folders in one session?


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    Re: Save multiple comparisons in single session

    Hello Anjan,

    You can only set one pair of base folders in Beyond Compare 2. To work around this, set a base folder on each side that contains all of the subfolders you want to compare.

    As an example, here is how to compare c:\folder1 and c:\folder2 to d:\folder1 and d:\folder2.

    Set c:\ and d:\ as base folders.

    Then set your File Filters to "-.\*;.\folder1\;.\folder2\".

    The above filter will prevent files in the root of c:\ from being compared, and will only compare the folder1 and folder2 subfolders.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Save multiple comparisons in single session

      You are referring to Left Side has A compared to right side B, and then below that in the same session Left Side C compared to right side D (where C or D could be A or B, if chosen again)? Basically, multiple sessions inside of a single session window.

      We are currently looking at implementing multiple folder comparisons in a single session for version 3.
      Version 3 will also have a tabbed interface, so having multiple sessions open in a single window is easy to navigate between.

      For now, separate sessions for each comparison is the best solution. You can create a script that accepts sessions and then fire it off sequentially for each session that you want to have it run on. So if you want to sync many folder pairs the same way, you could create a script that does it for a particular session, then run it for all the saved sessions (pairs of folders).
      The help file has some good examples of Script under the CommandLine and Scripting section.
      Aaron P Scooter Software