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Refresh Selection refreshes entire view

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  • Refresh Selection refreshes entire view

    I know this worked in older builds I used at other companies, but I have the newest build now and when i hilite a dir or file right click and do refresh selection it refreshes the entire current view! everything!
    Is this a known issue? working as designed? (hope not)
    Please let me know. takes forever to have to recheck the entire dir structure.


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    Re: Refresh Selection refreshes entire view

    This seems to work for me. The workflow I use:
    -make two folders, a and b, with files in them
    -expand them to see the files
    -delete files in both from Explorer/my computer
    -rightclick and refresh folder A. the files will disappear in folder A but not B (B does not refresh).

    Also seems to do this on FTP as well as local (looking at the log only refreshes folder selected).

    What steps are you using? the left pane local/remote/ftp? right pane local/remote/ftp? Do the above steps work for you?

    Is the version you are using 2.5.1?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Re: Refresh Selection refreshes entire view

      Here is my flow...

      Left side Local
      Right side FTP

      When I open my saved session, it automatically starts doing it's traversal.
      I stop it.
      I find the dir or file I want (either side)
      I right click on it and click "refresh selection"
      BC begins to refresh the whole session in that pane and not just that one file or folder.


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        Re: Refresh Selection refreshes entire view

        weird, not sure why it posted as unregistered. anyway, that was me.


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          Re: Refresh Selection refreshes entire view

          Thanks for detailing the steps you used. It looks like the key point is stopping the comparison when the session is loaded. If you stop the comparison, then refresh selection, it looks like it finishes listing the entire directory.

          If you load the session and allow it to finish the comparison instead of stopping it, then use the refresh selection command, it should only refresh the selected files/folders.

          I'll add this to our list to work on for a future version. In the current version, if you only want to scan a subset of the folders, uncheck "Automatically scan subfolders in background" in the session settings.
          Chris K Scooter Software