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.bcs files are treated as folders

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  • .bcs files are treated as folders

    When I try to compare 2 .bcs files from the Windows Explorer extension (Right Click->Compare), they are opened in Beyond Compare as if 2 folders were being compared. No files are shown on either side of the comparison window. Any help appreciated to fix this, thanks.

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    Re: .bcs files are treated as folders

    .bcs and .bcss are Beyond Compare Snapshot files. If you Save a Snapshot, this is the file extention used. If your files happen to be named with a .bcs extention as well, you can force them to open as files by right-clicking and selecting Compare With->File Viewer (option must be turned on via Tools menu->Options... General -> Include Submenu with available viewers checkbox).

    You can also launch the program and select them from within the file viewer.

    Snapshots are files that save the state of a folder (with crc codes, if you want) for comparison later. You can then see how a folder has changed over time.

    You could also potentially rename the extension of the files from .bcs to something else.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Re: .bcs files are treated as folders

      There is also a tweak:


      Let us know if you need any help setting that up.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        I'm having a similar problem using BC4 with files created by another app - extension .bcs. BC4 reports that it can't find the folder. I looked in Options-Tweaks but can't see any reference to the tweak mentioned. The files can be compared after changing extensions, but that is not a good solution.

        Any suggestions?


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          The instructions in this thread are for Beyond Compare 2.

          Beyond Compare 4 defaults to associating the file extension .bcs with Beyond Compare snapshot files. This means it will try to open files with those extensions as folders. To remove the association so .bcs files are treated as normal files:

          Run Beyond Compare 4.
          Open Tools > Options.
          Go to the Archive Types section.
          Go to Beyond Compare Snapshot.
          Remove *.bcs from the semicolon separated list of file masks.
          Restart Beyond Compare.
          Chris K Scooter Software