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Backing up to .ZIP files with password

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  • Backing up to .ZIP files with password

    I've looked through the forums, and I've searched through the Help, but couldn't find out how to do this:

    I'd like to do backups to a .ZIP file with a password. I.e., the files in the .ZIP should end up being password-protected/encrypted.

    I could not see how to set a password before doing the copy.

    TIA for any suggestions,

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    Re: Backing up to .ZIP files with password

    I'm afraid Beyond Compare does not currently set the password of zips.
    In the graphical interface, it allows for the input of passwords to access protected zip files (of the standard format and password protection).
    What is your current process? Do you have a new, non-protected, empty zip you are currently backing up into? I would recommend that you could create a batch process to do that step, then use a command line compression tool to add a password to the zip after it is created.
    Or are you sync'ing with a password protected zip created earlier with files already in it?

    If you would like to discuss this in more detail, but not on our public forum, feel free to email us at
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