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Working with FTP - file names

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  • Working with FTP - file names

    When I compare two files which are both FTP'd, BC seems to first download them to a temporary internet file. This makes it difficult to print a compare report as both files are named the same except for a [1] and [2] but also makes the use of the drop down path for retrieving the file again later or the reload file button reletively useless. Is there a way to maintain the true path to the host in the path window?

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    Re: Working with FTP - file names

    Could you go into further detail on the process you are using to launch and compare the files with BC? I currently:
    -Open BC 2.4.3
    -Navigate to an ftp site in both panes
    -Select and Compare between files

    This uses temporary storage, but not in the Temporary Internet Files folder. The paths represent the files' locations on the ftp (where you think they should).

    Running the Report tool and creating an HTML report also reports using the correct FTP paths.

    Are you possibly executing BC from within another ftp client?

    If any of the requested information is not intended to be posted on a public forum, I suggest emailing us at, where we could continue to troubleshoot via email.
    Aaron P Scooter Software