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Compare files - request for enhancement

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  • Compare files - request for enhancement

    At home I have Exam Diff pro installed (can't remember why I chose that rather than BC, since I was instrumental in us installing BC here at the bank). Anyway ......

    One aspect of EDP that I like/prefer to BC is the fact that the resulting file comparison columns shown include one with the text Newer/Older/deleted etc etc (I can send a screen capture offline if you want). With BC, I have to mentally remember that red text means newer etc etc.

    Not a big deal, I realize, but the EDP solution makes it that bit better/more user-friendly. (Otherwise, you still have it beaten hands-down. They have no FTP access etc etc - something you need at work, but not necessarily at home)

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    Re: Compare files - request for enhancement


    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add this to our wish list.
    Chris K Scooter Software