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Case sensitivity in literal strings

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  • Case sensitivity in literal strings

    I am creating comparison rules for a language which is case-insensitive, so changes in case should be unimportant except in string literals. However, changes in case in string literals should be important because they could be user-visible text.

    The File Comparison Rules dialog says, "This text is unimportant to the comparison, unless it is contained in a string literal..." which is exactly what I want. However, when I tested the rules I found that case changes in string literals were treated as unimportant. I eventually found the help text which says, "Character case...NOTE: Unlike the other unimportant text categories, this affects text in string literals."

    The text in the dialog box is currently misleading because it does not explain that the character case option makes character case unimportant even in string literals.

    I would prefer to have character case treated like the other options and treated as unimportant except in string literals. Is there any way to do this?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Case sensitivity in literal strings

    Thanks for pointing out this problem. There isn't a way to work around this in Beyond Compare 2.4.3.

    This will be fixed in Beyond Compare 3. In version 3, character case differences in string literals will show as a difference even if you have character case set as unimportant for everything else.
    Chris K Scooter Software