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  • Compare 200,000 of files

    So far you Beyond Compare seems to have the ability to deal with large numbers.

    Problem: In the left window I open a folder the holds records.

    Say the folder has records 1 100. 1 2 3 4 ect.
    In the right window list files from a different folder.

    In the left window I open the folder and wait to see if I have any records that are in the right listed directory.
    So far it has not worked. Any clues.

    Let me discribe this another way
    My left window will contane folders of my main records. The right window should show me any records that match the left window.


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    Re: Compare 200,000 of files

    If you only want to show files that exist on both sides, you can do so with display filters.

    Select View|Display Filters|No Orphans. This will only display files that exist on both sides.

    You can also View|Expand All to see the individual files in subfolders.
    Chris K Scooter Software