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  • Compare Dependant On Beginning of Line

    I have 2 large data files which I am trying to compare. Both files are sorted. Essentially, if the first 15 characters (e.g. SSN followed by account number) or so of a line do not match, then I would not want BC to even try to compare those lines. Each file contains some lines that are not in the other. What BC is doing is taking a line from each and showing that they differ in the first few characters and showing the rest of the line as matching. The next line in the second file actually matches in the first 15 characters the current line in the first file with data different after that. Those are the lines I want to compare.

    How can I do this?

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    Re: Compare Dependant On Beginning of Line

    Have you tried the Data Viewer plug-in? The Data Viewer will let you specify fields within data files, then make specific fields key columns to align on.

    The Data Viewer is available on our plug-ins page.

    The other option is change the alignment options in the File Viewer. If you don't want lines with differences to line up, select Tools|Edit Current Rules. Go to the Alignment tab. Check "Never Align Mismatches" and click OK.
    Chris K Scooter Software