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    I haven't. When I get a chance I'll check it out, thanks!


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      I'd like to opine that no, linebreaks within a file are are NOT always important. I'm trying to compare a Word document, containing the "fine print" that is supposed to appear at the bottom of a generated PDF file to the generated PDF file. I've tried text compare and a PDF compare, but the differrent line line breaks thwart any comparison.

      I wish that Beyond Compare would give an easy selection for "Ignore line terminators", along with "Ignore case", "Ignore spaces", and "Ignore Blank lines". Those are the selections on the opening page of Ultra Compare. But I only have Ultra Compare Lite, not Ultra Compare Pro so I can't compare PDF files and most of the Beyond Compare functionality is missing.


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        Hello Vinn,

        Sorry, my statement is not one of intent but of how our program currently works. We do have it on our wishlist to implement this feature, but as I mentioned above it's a large project and we don't have a timeframe for it. In the meantime, are you able to copy/paste the text out of BC3 and into Ultra Compare Lite for comparison?
        Aaron P Scooter Software