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Black items remain after compare

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  • Black items remain after compare

    I have been using BC for many years on my old Win2K system. I recently upgraded to a new WinXP machine.

    I moved BC over to the new machine and am using it to compare directory trees to ensure that I have everything copied properly.

    One directory has 4 subfolders:


    When I run a compare, BC shows no differences on the results screen, but the four subfolders and the files in the main folder (FolderA) remain visible in black.

    The time stamps on the subfolders are different on the two machines. One old machine, they are back in 2002. On the new machines, they are this week. The time stamp on FolderA is similarly different, but it is not displayed on the BC results screen.

    Is there some way to fix this so that only files and folders thyat aree different remain visible?

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    Re: Black items remain after compare

    Try using the menu items View -> Display Filters -> Only Mismatches. There is also an equivalent toolbar button.


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      Re: Black items remain after compare

      That did it. I see now that that is how it is configured on the old machine.

      Q: How do I set that option in the saved session? When I open up the session manager, I don't see anyplace to set the view settings.

      But this brings up another issue. How come BC considers folders with different time stamps equal?

      Q: Can I set it to highlight as mismatched both files and folders that are identical, but have different time stamps? It already does so for files.

      Q: Is there some way I can get BC to copy files and folders and preserve the time stamps? It does so for files, but not for folders.


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        Re: Black items remain after compare

        BC saves the filter settings with a session, but doesn't provide a way to set the filter in the session manager.

        BC only compares files within folders. It does not compare timestamps on folders. As long as all the files within a folder match, BC will color a folder as matching regardless of the folder timestamps.

        It isn't possible to have BC preserve folder timestamps when using the copy command. If you are logged in as administrator and your file system is NTFS, you can manually copy folder timestamps using the Actions|Touch command.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Re: Black items remain after compare

          OK. It seems to be working now. Thanks.