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  • mp3 player and pc compare

    I'm trying to find a way to compare the mp3/wmv on my mp3 player to the files on my computer. I don't want to sync all that are on my computer to the player but want to be selective about it.

    The problem is that the player doesn't get assigned a drive letter so BC doesn't list it as a drive/folder. At least I think that's why it doesn't show up.

    Are there any plug-ins or some other way to accomplish this? Or failing that, anyone have any other suggestions?


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    Re: mp3 player and pc compare

    BC2 will only work with files on a recognized local file system, or even remote via FTP.

    Some MP3 players are USB mass storage devices. When you attach them to the computer via USB Cable, they appear as Removeable Drives and you are able to copy and delete files from that device. Others, unfortunately, require that you run vendor software in order to copy and delete files from the device. Such software like MS Media Player, WMP, iTunes, among others.

    Which type, or rather, how do you load music onto your MP3 player? You could check the supplier's web site to see if they have firmware upgrades to make your MP3 a USB mass storage devices. I know I ugraded my ancient iRiver MP3 play a long time ago this way.


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      Re: mp3 player and pc compare

      The current version of BC can only access media players if they are given a drive letter in Explorer. If your media player's drivers/software doesn't have a command to give it a drive letter, then BC won't be able to synchronize files on it.
      Chris K Scooter Software