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  • SSH comparing

    Hi, I have a linux based web server with 25000 surfers each day.
    im developing under subdomain and than buy using shell (IN SSH) im updating the real domain.
    now, if ill update the changes in this amazing software, during the save of each file there will be lots of errors in the website, do you have a solution for that?
    by using shell script im avoiding this kind of problems because Im connecting with SSH to the local machine.
    Ill be glad to hear if you have any idea,

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    Re: SSH comparing

    Beyond Compare doesn't support comparison over SSH, although support for SFTP is on our feature wish list for a future version.

    To connect our current release to an SFTP server, you'll need to use FTP to SFTP bridge software. Details are at:

    We don't have a solution that will allow you to connect by SCP.

    If you get errors when transferring files to your server, please post any error messages here.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: SSH comparing

      This is not what i meant...
      ill try to explain...
      when you save a big php file it takes 2-3 seconds untill the file updated in the web server, visitors that will enter to the page during this 2-3 seconds to the page will see an error, or will se half page.
      to avooid that i user shell commands to copy and paste the dev files in the place,
      the errors is not in your soft, its in the web page.
      if you have 100 visitors per day its not so bad, but when you have 25000 per day you can hurt the traffic, for this reason i never use ftp to update the live site.
      you soft you ftp and this is y i asked if theres any solution.
      hope u got me this time,


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        Re: SSH comparing

        There isn't a command in Beyond Compare that will improve this.

        If you have many files to update, you can copy the changed local files to a .tar.gz file using BC, then upload and unzip the tar.gz file on the server using SSH locally.

        Load a comparison of your local files with the FTP server.
        View|Expand All.
        View|Display Filters|Just Mismatches.
        Edit|Select All Files.
        Actions|Copy To Folder.

        In the Copy to Folder dialog, enter a new .tar.gz file as the target. BC will create it.

        Then you can upload the file to your server and uncompress the files in an SSH session to apply the changed files more quickly than uploading them by FTP.
        Chris K Scooter Software