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    I'm currently evaluation the trial version of BC2, and it's a really powerfull and nice tool. But what I'm missing is some indication about the progress of a compare operation. If I'm running over thousands of files in binary mode, it's impossible to get with just a quick view some idea about the status. If I go into a folder, BC immediately start to compare them, but the only thing I can see is the "=" if a compare was done, impossible to get some impression about real status.
    Please could you add some kind of progress bar or info in the status bar which tells me something like "xxx files of total yyy files done, zzz mismatches found so far"? This would be really helpful!

    Thanks for your consideration and best regards,

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    Re: Progress Information?

    Hi Markus!

    From my knowledge there are some ways to get feedback from the BC user interface about how far the comparison process is gone, although it might not fit your imagination as described in your posting:

    First one starts in the folder-viewer, but is only available if the two folders you want to compare have the same name or (in case of different names) are in the same parent directory:

    Let's say we have c:\folder1 and c:\folder2, then you can load c:\ in one side of the folder-viewer. Now select folder1 and folder2 (so they get a green background) and invoke the BC context-menu with the right mouse-button.
    Here you can select "Compare Content..." -> a dialogbox is shown with a kind of preview what will be done. Click "Execute". A progress dialog is shown with a following result dialog.

    Second one:
    Load the folders you want to compare in the folder-viewer (left and right).
    Select "Only Mismatches" from the toolbar (the red unequal sign).
    Now select "Open all Folders" from the "view" menu.
    As a result all files get compared in the backgound and equal files disappear from the viewer because of the selected filter. This causes BC to adjust the scroll-bar of the folder-viewer window.

    The upcoming version 3 of BC will hopefully have a more sophisticated progress visualisation