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  • Sync - Nothing to Do

    I am totally perplexed...

    I open BC2, and choose my session:

    Folder Based
    - Compare Timestamps
    - Binary Comparison

    Tools > Sync Options:
    - Left Newer: Copy L to R
    - Right Newer: Copy L to R
    - Only on Left: Copy L to R
    - Only on Right: Delete R
    - Different: Copy L to R
    - Same: Leave Alone

    I click on Actions > Syncrhonzine Folders > Custom SYnc

    Create EMpty Folders: Checked
    Just Selection: Unchecked
    Only affect visible files: Unchecked

    Mirro Left to Right

    Then it tells me there's nothing to do...

    1.) Do I need to wait for the background compare to finish (we're talking about 10s of GBs)?
    2.) Why is this not working?

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    Re: Sync - Nothing to Do

    Yes, if you want the Custom Sync command to sync based on binary comparison results, you'll need to wait for the background comparison to complete before using the Custom Sync command.
    Chris K Scooter Software