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  • Exporting rules

    I thought I'd missed something, but there seems to be a bug/undesirable "feature" when exporting rules. Since we compare PC cobol source code with ditto on the mainframe, I have created a rule called COBOL and specified the character set for this rule as <Prompt when loading>. Works fine, EXCEPT for the fact that a user who followed my instructions couldn't understan why they were never prompted for the codepage.

    It seems that the character set value isn't exported with the rules - any comments ?

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    Re: Exporting rules

    If the rule is being used, it should still prompt for a code page (in BC 2.4.3).

    It might be that the user didn't end up using the rules that were imported. BC starts at the top of the Rules list in the Rules section of Tools|Options. It will use the first rule with a matching file extension.

    You can have the user double check this by manually selecting your rule from Tools|Pick Rules|<Rule Name> in the File Viewer.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Exporting rules

      Thanks Chris - I'll check it out. Without being 100% certain, I don't BELIEVE they had any other rules with the same extensions. Will re-append if I'm correct