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Wish: Select left newer and left + right orphans

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  • Wish: Select left newer and left + right orphans

    I'm using BC also for updating websites through FTP and usually, FTP cannot set a remote file's timestamp. So all files get the timestamp (with a minute precision) of the time of upload, which is newer than the local modification time. So to find all files that need to be uploaded, I select all left newer and orphans. But to get a full synchronisation, I'd also like to see the right orphans, so the remote files that don't exist locally anymore. I can always switch between both filters, but all in one would be better I think. So the icon of what I mean would look like this:

    [red] [grey]
    [blue] [empty]
    [empty] [blue]

    Is there a chance this filter can be added in a future version or is it even possible right now?

    Alternatively, I'd also be happy if someone can tell me how to enable ProFTPd running on Linux to set a remote timestamp and to return timestamps with a second precision.

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    Re: Wish: Select left newer and left + right orpha

    To work around the timestamp limitation, you can copy timestamps back to local files after uploading. To have BC do this automatically, select Session|Comparison Control. Go to the Advanced tab. Check "Touch local files when copying to an FTP site".

    Also, once you make the above timestamp change, if you want to make the target side identical to the source, including deleting orphan files on the target side, try using the Actions|Synchronize Folders|Custom Sync command with the Mirror action selected in the dropdown.

    Last, you can have more powerful filtering. Select View|Toolbars|Component. This will allow you to separately toggle display of orphans, newer, etc.
    Chris K Scooter Software