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    Does the copy command do any type of verify during or after a copy operation? If I use the Copy command will the copy always be the same as the original?

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    Re: Copy Command

    The copy command doesn't do any verification. The copy should be the same as the original.

    Depending on your setup, the file permissions might change, because BC handles permissions the same way Windows Explorer does when files are copied.

    Also, BC preserves file modified dates, but does not preserve file creation dates.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Which dates does BC3 display?

      Often, when I Copy from one side to the other, the "new" file has today's date instead of the date displayed on the "old" side, thereby cause a mis-compare.
      How do i fix this?

      Thank you.


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        The date displayed in the Folder Compare is the Last Modified Date. When copied, we attempt to preserve it but the destination device may not allow that behavior. If prevented, it is set to the time of the transfer. There are a couple strategies to help work around this:

        1) Content scan: enable the Session menu -> Session Settings, Binary scan to determine if the files are equal. This populates the center column with the results, and in addition to the Override quick test option, it will show equal status if they are binary equal.
        1b) Assuming the scan updates and shows equal, you can then Select All equal files (Display Filter: Show Same, then Edit menu -> Expand All, Edit menu -> Select All Files), then try our Touch command to copy the timestamps and see if you can set them manually after the transfer. The Touch command can sometimes work in cases where the preserve during transfer fails.

        2) We have an option to auto-update the local timestamp with the newer time. You lose the original modified time, but this is a workaround for if the remote side prevents the timestamp the local side should allow it.

        3) Update the FTP. We most commonly see this with FTP server software, and there is sometimes a setting or update that can be applied in order to allow setting the timestamp on upload.
        Aaron P Scooter Software