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Help with external rule needed.

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  • Help with external rule needed.

    Newbie question but I did browse BC forums and couldn't find an answer...

    I need to execute different programs for left and right pane before loading the texts to compare. I read and tried the external rules settings but can't figure out how one can pass a parameter (like left/right) to the external exe or batch file. Is there any way to do that?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Help with external rule needed.

    In the Rules setup, you can specify an external program to run prior to comparing, but I think you can only specify one command, but can specify both files.

    I would suggest trying to run a batch file and run each program on the appropriate file. Specify the command for Run when loading as

    cmd.exe convert.bat %s %t
    where %s will be substituted with the left file and %t will be substituted with the right file.

    In you batch file, you can do something like

    convert1.exe "%1"
    convert2.exe "%2"
    Look at the section entitled File Conversion Rules in the help file for more specifics.


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      Re: Help with external rule needed.

      In addition to the help, there's an article that explains how external conversion works at:

      In short, it isn't possible for external conversion to determine if a file is a left or right file. The conversion is called separately for the left file and right file.

      Also, the variables %s and %t are for a single side, not both sides.

      As example, if you have a program that converts .foo files to .txt files, you would specify:

      FooToText.exe %s %t

      %s is the source file, and %t is the output file name, something.txt.
      Chris K Scooter Software