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WinXP Shortcut Request <control><shift><keypad +>

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  • WinXP Shortcut Request <control><shift><keypad +>

    In windows explorer, I find the keyboard shortcut
    <control><shift><keypad +>
    to be very useful for automatically adjusting the width of all columns in the windows explorer display which has current focus (habit forming).

    Could you implement this shortcut for the file/folder comparison window in the next version of BC?

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    Re: WinXP Shortcut Request <control><shift><keypad +>

    Hello, I posted some ideas to this feature before, but I want to say again, that the behaviour of BC windows should be as in windows explorer:
    <ul type="square">[*]Double-Click the column-separator to set the width to the longest entry[*]Resizing one column mustn't affect any other column (fixed in BC3)[*]If the width of all visible columns is less than the width of the window (part), only the rightmost column may widen (fixed in BC3)[*]If the width of all visible columns is more than the width of the window (part), a horizontal scrollbar should appear[*]An option to resize the columns of both sides separately may be useful[*]If an entry is larger than the column width a tooltip should show the whole entry by moving the mouse over it[*]Resizing the main window should not affect any column width[*]The column order should be configurable for both sides separately[/list]In addition to Marks request any key combination (i. e. <Ctrl>+'+', <Shift>+'Ins', <*>+'<Enter>, ...) should be assignable to any BC function.

    Greetings Lutz


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      Re: WinXP Shortcut Request <control><shift><keypad +>

      The shortcut I requested above is built into WinXP explorer. I suggest WinXP built-in shortcuts be the defaults for BC Folder Viewer, or at least have that behavior selectable as an option.


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        Re: WinXP Shortcut Request <control><shift><keypad +>

        I think it is great (already) for $30.00. Make a more expensive version for this guy who wants it all!


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          Re: WinXP Shortcut Request <control><shift><keypa

          Mark and Lutz, thank you for the suggestions. I'll add these to our wish list for a future version of BC.
          Chris K Scooter Software