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Suggestion: "Open With" associated file

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  • Suggestion: "Open With" associated file

    How about an option so that a file will open with its associated application when you double click the file name in BC instead of opening with the File Viewer?

    How about a toolbar button button so that the highlighted file(s) will open with their associated application(s)?

    Currently this functionality requires right clicking to get to context menu. I do it so often that I would like a slightly faster means.

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    Re: Suggestion: \"Open With\" associated file

    Hi Mark!

    Indeed, this would be nice for a future release. For the current version the following might be a workaround:

    Go to the "Options" dialog of BC and highlight the "Open with" section. Here you can define external applications and how they are opened via keyboard shortcut.

    Maybe this helps a bit further ... ?



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      Re: Suggestion: \"Open With\" associated file

      I also use "Open with associated App" frequently. My solution was to use keyboard shorts, Tools -> Options -> Keyboard, scroll down to "Associated App" and assign a keystroke for it. In my case, I used "Ctrl-O".


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        Re: Suggestion: \"Open With\" associated file

        Hello Christoph and Ernie,

        Thanks for pointing out the keyboard shortcut option. That works nicely. There seem to be workarounds for just about everything in BC2 - a truly wonderful program.

        I use BC2 many times a day to keep my USB memory stick files synchronized with machines at home and work. The stick effectively becomes a live, portable, manually operated back-up media through BC. I also use BC as a way to access files and folders as "projects", which is why I want to quickly open files in their native apps from BC. Straying from BCs original intent, but useful.