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Secondary use for BC !

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  • Chris
    Re: Secondary use for BC !

    Hi DD,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We'll consider disk usage reporting for a future version of Beyond Compare.

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Re: Secondary use for BC !

    I don't think you want to try this with a large network drive with multiple snapshots on it...I won't be using *that* session for a while.... :-)


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  • chrroe
    Re: Secondary use for BC !

    Hi daviesd!

    Another excellent Application for this purpose is TreeSize from .

    There is a professional and a freeware version of this program ...


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  • daviesd
    started a topic Secondary use for BC !

    Secondary use for BC !

    My drive was getting full and I needed something to show where all the space was being used.

    In the past I have downloaded some "pie charting" utility which identifies the worst offending folders but then I thought BC does that and fast too.

    So, just in case you haven't thought of it:
    1. point BC at a whole drive
    2. view/expand all ( takes a while but to be expected )
    3. view/collapse all
    4. double click a folder to see the cumulative sizes of all subfolders.
    5. click the size column to sort by size

    I have noticed that BC is like lightening compared to some disk space analysis tools.

    I love BC.


    PS a histogram or pie would be nice ;-)