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  • Sync only if larger

    Hey all,

    I'm using BC 2.4.1 to sync some files from a daily updated FTP site to my network. Unfortunately, the person uploading the files to the FTP is having issues (not using BC), and files are getting truncated.

    Is it possible for me to only sync files if the file to be copied is larger than the destination file?


    Joe Z.

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    Re: Sync only if larger

    Hi Joe,

    It isn't possible to sync only if source files are larger than target files.

    It is possible to sync if source files have a different size than the target files.

    Here's how to sync files with only size differences:

    By default, BC's sync to left/right commands will only copy files with newer timestamps and files that only exist on the source side.

    To change this behavior, select Tools|Options.
    Go to the Sync Options section.
    For "If files are different" change the selection from "leave alone" to "copy left to right". Click OK.
    Select Session|Comparison Control.
    Uncheck timestamp comparison.
    Only Compare Contents - size alone should be selected for Comparison Criteria.
    It is ok to leave "automatically scan subfolders" checked in Folder Handling.

    This will make sync to left/right copy files that exist only on the source and files with size differences.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Sync only if larger

      Thanks Chris! Unfortunately, it needs to be bigger or nothing. I might use a script call to BC to move from the FTP to an intermediate location, then a bit of code to check for larger sizes, and filter over those that make the grade... something to think about anyway

      Thanks again,