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Wrong rules being selected by file viewer

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  • Wrong rules being selected by file viewer

    I'm using Rules-based comparison to compare visual basic files. When I open the Viewer to compare 2 files from the Folder Viewer, the rules seem to be applied from the wrong file type. That is, Tools/Pick Rules shows C/C++/C#, not Visual Basic. I can change this each time I open the file viewer, but this is a little tedious, plus this setting is lost the next time I open the same files for comparison.

    Other info:
    Using version 2.4 (build 240)
    Visual Basic comes before C/C++/C# Source in the File Comparison Rules.
    I've added rules to Visual Basic and C... rules, but other VB extensions .bas, .vbs don't work either. That is, it appears to be more of a file type recognition problem than a rules problem.

    Am I missing some setting, or is this a bug?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Wrong rules being selected by file viewer

    It might be your BC configuration.

    To determine which rules to use, BC starts at the top of the rules list (in the Rules section of Tools|Options). It moves down the list until a rule with a matching file extension is found.

    You might need to change the order of your rules, or change the extensions associated with them.

    If you need help fixing it, please send a zip of your BC settings using Help|Support and the Export button to and I'll look into it. Also, please name the file extension of the files you are having a problem comparing.
    Chris K Scooter Software