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Steps for full backup of drive c: to external usb

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  • Steps for full backup of drive c: to external usb

    I am sure I've seen the steps to use BC2 to backup an entire drive, c: for example. But now I can't find the steps, would you please let me know where to look?

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    Re: Steps for full backup of drive c: to external

    To copy an entire drive to another drive, load c:\ on the left side and the external drive on the right.

    BC doesn't have the ability to copy locked files, so it probably won't be able to copy everything.

    You'll also probably want to filter out the RECYCLER and System Volume Information folders. It's also probably a good idea to filter out the pagefile.sys file. To quickly filter out a file or folder, right click on it and select "Exclude".

    To just copy everything, Edit|Select All, then use the Actions|Copy Command.

    If you've already made a backup, use the Actions|Synchronize Folders|Synchronize Left to Right command to copy new and updated files to the backup.

    You can also make the backup identical to the source side using the Actions|Synchronize Folders|Custom Sync command with the "Mirror Left to Right" action. This copies files with any differences, including older files, and also deletes files that only exist on the target side.
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