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  • Files are always read-only

    I have some files which are always marked as read-only in BC no matter how I try to enable/disable options in BC. So I can not use BC to edit these files. But the read-only icon in the properties of these files are not checked. These files are from the internet and I think they are not under version control.
    What is going on? Why can't I edit these files in BC?

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    Re: Files are always read-only

    There are two main reasons for this to occur.

    1) Files are opened from a session that marks them read-only. In Session|Session Manager, you can check "read-only" for the left and right base folders. This will display read-only when you open files in the File Viewer.

    2) Files have a character encoding problem. If BC has a problem displaying characters within a file, it will mark files read-only. Problem characters may display as ? or squares.

    I've seen this happen before with the copyright symbol when opening files with a system set to traditional or simplified chinese as the language for non-Unicode programs. Selecting the file's correct character set from the dropdown in the General tab of Tools|Edit Current Rules typically solves this.


    3) This can also happen if you're using an external conversion rule. The external conversion rules, such as DOC, PDF, HTML Tidy, etc, convert files to plain text temp files before opening them for comparison. Because BC is only opening a temp file in this case, most of the conversion rules open the files as read-only.

    To check this in the File Viewer, select Tools|Edit Current Rules. Go to the Conversion tab. If the conversion is set to "Remove Rich Text Formatting" or "External Program", the files might be marked read-only.

    To open the files as editable, open them using a different rule. Select Tools|Pick Rules|<Rule Name>.
    Chris K Scooter Software