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    I wish for this feature where inside the file viewer, you can select sections of difference and designate them as being insignificant, and afterwards hide these insignificant areas from view to better focus on un-examinated areas and significant differences. I would need it when I am doing a locationalization of some web pages and scripts.

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    Re: feature request

    It isn't possible to just select some text and say "ignore it", but it is possible to ignore text differences in the File Viewer.

    Here's how:

    Select Tools|Edit Current Rules.
    Go to the Importance tab.
    In the Unimportant Text section, click New and define the text you want to ignore.
    Click OK until you're back to the main window.

    If View|Ignore Unimportant Differences is on, the text you marked will display in black, if it is turned off, the text will display in blue.

    Once you mark the text unimportant, View|Just Differences should hide it.

    Marking text unimportant is more fully detailed in the Rules>File Importance Rules section of Beyond Compare's help file.
    Chris K Scooter Software