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selecting files in a results window

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  • selecting files in a results window

    Complaint (or whine): Missing keyboard short cut in results window.

    Setup: open a new GUI session to compare to directories.
    Select a subset of the files, and right-click and choose "Compare". The compare dialog goes as planned, and the pop-up becomes the "Compare Results" window.

    Now I have "+= 25 files match exactly" and "+!= 9 files don't match". I click on the "+" for the don't match, and double-click on on the first file, examine it, and ^N enough to be prompted "Open Next File with Differences?". I answer "yes", but just get back to the results window. I can now use the keyboard to hightlight the next file --

    -- and aye, here's the rub --

    I still have to double click the file name to open the viewer. I expect to be able to press ENTER here and have the viewer open.

    Less important, but still intriguing, would be the "open next file with differences" result to actually open the next file on the list, instead of just taking me back to the results window.

    Sorry for the long-winded grumble, because BC2 has really made life easier, including source-control comparisons (MKS SI). Being this close to perfection just makes us want more ;-)


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    Re: selecting files in a results window

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Right now Next Different File cycles through files in the main Folder Viewer window, not in the Compare Results dialog.

    We plan to improve opening files with the keyboard and the next different file behavior in the future.
    Chris K Scooter Software