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  • Chris
    Re: Mirror Sync

    Hi JackDF,

    The files are compared when Beyond Compare 2 starts. If the files change after the folder comparison is loaded, but before the mirror command is selected, the change will not affect the synchronization.

    The comparison is started fresh every time you start Beyond Compare, and it will not remember the comparison results from previous times you ran the software.

    To force a recomparison of files without restarting Beyond Compare, select View|Full Refresh (Ctrl+F5). Another option is to View|Refresh (F5) to refresh files in place, without fully reloading everything.

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  • jackdf
    started a topic Mirror Sync

    Mirror Sync

    If I perform a mirror synchronization does the program perform a new scan of the source files before performing the mirror or are only the files that were scanned previously synchronized to the target? The reason I ask is that I have 1045224 files that are 524 GB is size total to mirror on a production system and some files may change between the beginning of the last scan and when I start the synchronization.