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  • manual reload of last session

    I don't want to select the option to reload the last session on startup, but I do want to do this occasionally. Is there a way to manually request this action after starting up BC.

    If not, is there a registry entry that is used to save that info (even if the last session startup option is off?) I could manually do a registry lookup if necessary.

    I have about 60 sessions and often can't recall which one I was last using, but don't want to auto load it. Would be nice if there was a button or menu item with a history of recent sessions. Maybe that's a wish item

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    Re: manual reload of last session

    Beyond Compare does keep a history of the most recently used sessions.

    In the Folder Viewer, select Session from the menu. At the bottom of the menu, it should list the 8 most recently loaded sessions, with the most recent session at the top.

    If you have BC set to start with the Open dialog, it will also list the most recently loaded session at the top of the session list. To change how BC starts up (Session Manager, Last Session, Empty Session, etc) go to the Startup section of Tools|Options.

    If you don't see the listing of recent sessions, make sure you're running the most recent version of Beyond Compare, version 2.4.1.
    Chris K Scooter Software