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Syncing with a Mobile Device

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  • Syncing with a Mobile Device

    Since BC is the perfect program to do file syncing, I'd like to use it to sync with my Smartphone.

    Background: "Mobile Device" is a shell namespace extension that allows a user to browse the filesystem of a Windows Mobile device such as Pocket PC or Windows SmartPhone. It appears in My Computer.

    Unfortunately, being a shell namespace extension, it can neither be mapped to a drive letter (e.g. with Window SUBST command) nor can BC open it directly.

    Short of Scooter adding this capability to BC, I've come up with these solutions:

    1) Mount Mobile Device filesystem as a drive letter

    Choices for doing this appear to be using WebDAV and writing a device driver. Any other ideas?

    2) FTP

    Purchase (or write) an FTP server for the Mobile Device. Another choice would be to write a special FTP server running on your desktop computer that creates a special folder for the Mobile Device and uses RAPI for the communication.

    3) Network Place

    BC can see Network Places, but I have no idea how you could make the Mobile Device filesystem look like a Network Place. Anyone?

    Terry W, Sabon Rai Software

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    Re: Syncing with a Mobile Device

    If the mobile device can run an FTP server, that might work. BC doesn't support WebDAV yet, so that isn't an option without using other software to map WebDAV to a drive letter.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Syncing with a Mobile Device

      Allegedly (meaning, I haven't verified it myself), WinXP supports a WebDAV redirector that allows a WebDAV URL to be mapped to a drive letter.

      I'd have to implement a WebDAV capability for the Mobile Device in order to take advantage of this.
      Terry W, Sabon Rai Software