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listing added/removed lines in file-report

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  • listing added/removed lines in file-report

    Hi there,

    I've to compare log files every day and at the moment I do that manually, because I need to know which lines are added or removed between the logfiles of two days.

    If I use file report using layout:statistics to compare the logfiles automatically, I'll get the number of added, removed and changed lines.

    So I can find out the files that contain added or removed lines and compare them manually (using bc viewer).

    Is it possible to ignore changed lines, too?

    Maybe by using options:display-orphans like it can be used with folder-compare.

    Thank you for spending time to my problem.

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    Re: listing added/removed lines in file-report

    It isn't possible to only display added/removed lines using file-report. File-report is limited to all, mismatches (both changed and added/removed lines), mismatches with context, and matches.

    Instead of looking at the stats report and then looking at the files in BC, have you considered doing a file-report to show the differences in all the files?

    Here's an example that will generate a report of different lines in files:
    criteria rules-based
    load c:\oldlogs c:\newlogs
    expand all
    select diff.files
    file-report layout:side-by-side options:ignore-unimportant,display-mismatches output-to:c:\logdiffs.txt
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: listing added/removed lines in file-report

      Thank you for your answer.

      But it doesn't solve my problem
      I've to compare about 20 logfiles and in summary there are about 10.000 lines that are changed in a timestamp, version number or things like that. And I'm not interested in these lines.
      The important information is which lines are new and which ones are missing.
      But it seems like I'll have to create regular expressions to set specific lines (e.g. if timestamp changed) as unimportant, to shrink the output.

      Thank you again,


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        Re: listing added/removed lines in file-report

        Using regular expressions to mark text you don't want to monitor is the best option using the current version of Beyond Compare. Sorry there isn't an easier solution.
        Chris K Scooter Software