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Mainframe GDG files

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  • Mainframe GDG files

    Is access to the above not possible ? Here are the log results when trying to access a specific file that does exist on the mainframe

    2006-02-03 08:40:08 User name: xxxxxx
    2006-02-03 08:40:08 Sent> TYPE A
    2006-02-03 08:40:08 Recv> 200 Representation type is Ascii NonPrint
    2006-02-03 08:40:08 Sent> PORT 172,24,76,43,17,127
    2006-02-03 08:40:08 Recv> 200 Port request OK.
    2006-02-03 08:40:08 Sent> LIST
    2006-02-03 08:40:08 Recv> 550 No data sets found.
    2006-02-03 08:40:08 Load Comparison: ftp://xxxxxx1@ftp_site/'BGST.BGST.D123601.G0016V00' <->

    I also tried specifying the file as 'BGST.BGST.D123601(0)' (which is the std m/f method of specifying the last/latest generation of a GDG), but BC didn't like this (reasonable, I suppose).

    Considernig how easilt it managed to access a PDS member on the m/f, I'm somewhat perplexed.

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    Re: Mainframe GDG files

    I don't know how to specify it directly.

    Does it work to open the url: ftp://xxxxxx1@ftp_site/ and then browse to the file that you want?
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Mainframe GDG files

      Thanks. I was about to reply that it didn't work, but then, suddenly, automagically it did. I specified

      and was shown a list of members.
      Thanks for the tip