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BC directory location stored in registry?

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    Re: BC directory location stored in registry?

    I did rewrite my original pvcsmerge.exe tool for exactly that purpose (different people using different install paths) for internal use at my previous employer.
    I'd gladly provide the updated code, but that would be for PVCS 7.5 again. Also, the updated code also forces the comparison to "C/C++ rules" because PVCS uses totally randomly generated filenames for revision comparisons and BC context would not be able to distinguish the types and default to general text comparison. That addition will not be useful for teams that code, say, in Java but is not too difficult to remove.

    Let me know of your wishes...


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  • ZoŽ
    Re: BC directory location stored in registry?

    Either of those should work, though the Scooter Software\Beyond Compare\ExePath one is what I would consider official. It's re-written every time BC starts, and Code Co-op uses it for it's own integration, so it isn't going anywhere. If you wanted to support BC versions prior to 2.1 you would need to use the BeyondCompare.Snapshot one, since that's written by the installer and has been supported since the first 2.0 release. Our ClearCase support requires 2.1 though, so I don't think having a similar requirement for PVCS would be that bad.

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  • KingTermite
    started a topic BC directory location stored in registry?

    BC directory location stored in registry?

    We are working on a special integration of BC with our PVCS version control system.

    Since not all users installed BC in the same location, is there a location stored in the registry so that we can get that info out to use in the PVCS plugin?

    Anybody know the registry location or whether one exists or not?

    I have found the BeyondCompare.Snapshot\shell\open\command this acceptable (e.g. "written in stone")?

    Also the Scooter Software\BeyondCompare\Exepath? How about this one?

    Others I missed?