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  • Another OSX request

    I know there has been a few requests for OSX version and some talk of having one after the Linux port. Just wanted to chime in and put my hand in the air for OSX BC.

    Seriously I am going crazy scouring the internet looking for a decent compare utility for OSX.

    OSX is awesome for java/jsp and general web development. I have all my Win development tools available on OSX except Beyond Compare.

    The only decent OSX compare utilities I have found are ZSCompare which I'm not fond of and the compare ability in BBEdit. Neither of these is as easy to use as BC and neither of them support FTP which i need.

    As far as I can tell there is nothing to compete with Beyond Compare on OSX except maybe ZS Compare which has similiar functionality but lack of FTP and super ugly interface.

    If you feel OSX sales would be slow I think most of us with Macs would pay more for the OSX version. I would gladly pay $50 for BC on OSX. ZS Compare is $35 but pales in comparison to BC.



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    Re: Another OSX request

    Thanks for the vote for an OS X port of BC.

    An OS X port is something we'd really like to do, but given our resources, we probably won't be able to devote much time to investigating a port until after v3 for Windows ships.

    As far as BC alternatives on OS X for folder synchronization, some of our other users have mentioned two Mac sycing products:
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Another OSX request

      There is also Unison and RSyncX. If you could merge both it would be close to BC.