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  • Matching Not Working

    I'm trying to compare 2 reports side by side that were run using the same data but run at different times and I need to find differences. The reports carry policy numbers and messages. If 1 report has more message lines than the other, the policy numbers don't line up from side to side and the result is many more differences than there actually are. I have looked around in Help and tried differenct settings but can't seem to resolve this. Can you help?

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    Re: Matching Not Working

    It might help to turn on the "Never Align Mismatches" option.

    With the files open in the File Viewer, select Tools|Edit Current Rules.
    Go to the Alignment tab.
    Check "Never Align Mismatches".

    If the files have time/date information in them, it might also be helpful to mark that text as unimportant. To mark text unimportant, select Tools|Edit Current Rules, and go to the Importance tab. In the Unimportant text section, you can mark the text Unimportant by columns or regular expressions. Once you've marked text unimportant, make sure View|Ignore Unimportant Differences is turned on to hide the differences you marked to ignore.

    If that still isn't adequate for your comparison, you might have better luck using our Data Viewer plug-in. It is designed for tab delimited and csv data, and it will allow you to mark fields as key fields and sort on them, such as the policy numbers. Plug-ins do require a registered version of BC to turn.

    You can download the data viewer from:
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Matching Not Working

      Thanks. I had already tried your first 2 suggestions but that didn't give me the results I wanted so I'll try the 3rd option with plug-ins. I am a registered user.