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Additional support for Subversion SVN

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  • Additional support for Subversion SVN

    Hello, any possibility for added support of the source code repository Subversion? I am a heavy user of BC and found it to be quite convenient as-is with CVS. However, with Subversion and TortoiseSVN (the Windows Explorer extension) it is awkward to delete files from the SVN side. This would be helped if one or more of the TortoiseSVN context menu items (e.g. Delete) were accessible from BC or even better, if BC could be set to operate in an SVN mode and when a file is deleted on the SVN side it would execute the SVN delete, perhaps using the command line interface.
    Peter DeGregorio

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    Re: Additional support for Subversion SVN

    Hi Peter,

    We're testing some additional integration support internally. It's not as complete as you're asking for, but that is something that we're considering for a future release. If you're registered send an email to with your serial number and I'll send you the download details.
    ZoŽ P Scooter Software