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FTP copies file to temp directory first?

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  • FTP copies file to temp directory first?

    Using beta from an earlier FTP-related post (but this isn't limited to the beta code)

    I got a no-disk-space error while trying to copy a 2Gig file from an ftp site to my local D: drive (12G free). I discovered that BC actually transfers to my temp directory on C: (1G free), then copies (not moves) the file to final destination.

    1. Why not transfer directly into the destination? That's where I wanted it - I even made room for it

    2. If #1 can't be helped, then why isn't the temp file moved - or rather, why isn't it deleted after the copy completes?

    As far as I can tell, this only applies when >= 1 side of a session is an ftp site.


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    Re: FTP copies file to temp directory first?

    The reason for this behavior is that BC is a comparison utility first and an FTP client second (or fourth). When it downloads a file it's saved in BC's cache in order to make subsequent comparisons and file operations faster. For example, if you do a binary comparison on a file to eliminate differences and then view the remaining files in the file viewer we don't want to have to download all of those files again. The current release doesn't differentiate between downloading to compare vs to copy, so files always go into the cache and stay there until they're bumped by other files.

    This is something we're considering changing in BC3; I don't expect it to change in a 2.x release.
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      Re: FTP copies file to temp directory first?

      I understand and agree with your design priorities. Comparision tool first, but as a sync tool is close second for me.

      To help nudge your consideration for BC3 , surely there could be a distinction between collecting/caching necessary info for file comparisons (by timestamp & filesize is my usual), and processing an atomic "Copy this file to other side".

      In my specific case, I didn't use "binary compare" as my compare - and so I wouldn't want/expect the file contents to be cached for comparison.

      In fact, if I explicitly turn off all comparisons for that session, it might be a signal that I wish for no caching.

      ...not a complaint, mind you, just a vote for differentiation...

      Thanks, Craig -