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Consolidated, Votable Wishlist & Fixlist

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  • Consolidated, Votable Wishlist & Fixlist

    I remember seeing on some other product's support site a running "Wishlist" poll, where fixes, enhancement requests, etc. could be posted, then voted upon by forum members and tallied to indicate general interest. The "status" of each request item was then appended, such as "Scheduled for version X.Y", "Under Consideration", etc.

    Perhaps even multiple tallies, such as to discriminate between registered and non-registered product voters would be a useful planning tool?

    What does everyone think?

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    Re: Consolidated, Votable Wishlist & Fixlist

    We probably won't have a public version of the wish list.

    Right now our wish list/bug list is in an internal database that wouldn't be easy to make public. Considering the amount of effort that would be required to make and maintain a public version, it will probably remain internal only.

    We're happy to discuss the wish list by email or in the forum.
    Chris K Scooter Software