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Ability to rename tabs when using text compare

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  • Ability to rename tabs when using text compare


    I've been using Beyond Compare for many years now, and it's by far my favorite comparison tool.

    Something I thought would be nice is the ability to rename the tab when you're using the "Text Compare" tool. I use that tool a lot, since often I want to diff something that's not in a file, or it may be part of a file. I like that's it's quick and convenient to just launch Beyond Compare, select Text Compare, and just copy/paste what you're trying to compare. However, if you have a lot of tabs open, and they all say "New Text Compare*", it can be hard to remember what is in each tab. Would be nice to just be able to double click on the tab header, or maybe via a right click menu or somewhere, to have the ability to enter a name so it's easier to identify.

    - Sergey

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    The quickest method to rename is to use the Session menu -> Save Session As. This saves a session with the custom name, and applies it to the tab title.

    A couple of other tips:
    If you use the Open Clipboard command (File menu, or Ctrl+Shift+V) instead of Paste, that side will get a title of "Clipboard at Timestamp". This also helps with run the alignment on Load of the clipboard, instead of relying on cursor position.

    If you are in another Text Compare, you can select text within, and right click -> Copy, then select other text and right-click -> Compare to Clipboard to auto-launch a new tab with this content.

    If you are running the Clipboard Compare helper app (Tools menu -> Options, Startup: Run clipboard compare on windows startup), then this app has an option to enable a Hotkey to launch a comparison of your last two saved Clipboard Copies. The app itself can also manually launch a compare of any saved clipboard copies.
    Aaron P Scooter Software