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Magically Insert Text Into Certain Columns?

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  • Magically Insert Text Into Certain Columns?

    Given a source program that contains changes, is there a way in Beyond Compare to insert a specific 7-character string into certain columns (like 65-71) for every changed line?

    I would imagine this would have to be done with some sort of script or macro, but in the help I saw, Beyond Compare's scripting language looked more like a "issue one command after another" sort of thing rather than line manipulation.

    FWIW, I have BeyondCompare2.

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    Not automatically, no. BC2's scripting correlates to actions you can take in the main interface, and there is not automated insert of text on different lines. The closest would be to generate one of our report types, then parse that information to pull out the info you need and pass it to your next automated step.

    BC also supports running external conversions (defined in a BC2 Rule) to preprocess files before the comparison, but this would require the preprocessor to know how to edit the file before the comparison is completed; which would then present the edited file in the main graphical Viewer or in generated reports.
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