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Word-wrap option is needed instead of horizontal scroll bar

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  • Word-wrap option is needed instead of horizontal scroll bar

    Currently, I have to compare two Word-files with minor corrections.

    So, when I compare two doc-files, highlighted words or small corrections (in red) on left side window is to be very simple when different fragment is totally presented!

    It would be useful to see sometimes only left or wright panel and to allow word-wrap on it just to not use horizontal scroll bar.

    The most important for me today is word wrap option in panels.
    Is it possible in current version? If not, please consider such feature request.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Wrapping text in the main interface is not supported in the current version of BC4. It is on our wishlist to enhance this behavior.

    We do support generating html reports, which can then be wrapped when displayed in your browser. They can be generated from the Session menu -> Text Compare Report, and pick your layout and the output type as HTML.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thank you for the HTML report. That helps. But I am wondering. How come you guys haven't made this feature... I see so many people asking for it. You have been saying it's on the wishlist since 2008.
      Is it technically difficult to implement? Or not a priority? Not a money maker? But you know how many people you will make happy and your software will be recommended at a rate of 2x. So consider this a potent marketing tool; not just anothe whim of the user who does not understand the technical challenges for a seemingly small change (I get that).

      Good luck!
      (paying customer)


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        Many reasons, but mostly a combination of technically difficulty and available resources. It's a large project, and we are a small team juggling bugs and features. Any single large project or bug can be very consuming to design/implement/iterate, so it is tricky to get them scheduled.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          I have to agree here that Word Wrap is a vital feature that needs to be in Beyond Compare. The tool would be about 1000x more useful for text comparisons with it. Please make this a priority in your development