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Question regarding version 2.5.3

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  • Question regarding version 2.5.3

    I have a question on Version 2.5.3 (yes I am still using that on my XP system).

    The function of the software has changed and I have no idea how to get it revert to how it worked before. I tried un-installing and re-installing but that didn't help.

    When I would compare directories via binary compare, if the directories existed at the start, the folder icon was clear if the folder existed in both directories. Then after it was compared it would turn either grey/blue/red depending upon the result of the compare. If the folder only existed in one of the directories it would be yellow.

    Now when I run a compare the folder that exists in both directories is always yellow and never changes. If I click on the folder, then it will turn grey when the folders match.

    Is there a setting that I need to change? I have no idea what happened but the program now is pretty useless as I can't just look at the result, I must click on each and every directory to see the result of the binary comparison.

    Suggestions would be appreciated. It worked fine last month as far as I can recall.

    Thank you for your time.

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    It sounds like the default settings might have been updated, which could be done using the Session menu -> Set Defaults. Or if you are loading a saved Folder Compare it would used the saved settings.

    These settings can be updated in a new blank Directory Viewer's Session menu -> Comparison Control dialog. Leave Compare Timestamp enabled, then check Compare Contents and set to Binary Comparison. And enable Automatically scan subfolders in background.
    Then, to set this as the new default, go to the Session menu -> Set Defaults.

    Then load your folders into the session. Or shut down BC2 and relaunch it to see if the defaults are set correctly. How does this work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software