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  • Simple Question, Complex Answer

    Howdy folks. I really love the application. However, there are parts that are difficult to understand, even using the help file.

    I'm trying to organize my files and have nearly finished the organization process. As result, I have my primary and reorganized folder and an older backup folder, with a completely different folder tree. I would like to know if there are any files in the older backup structure that did not make it into the reorganized tree.

    I have BeyondCompare set with Orphans Only and Flatten but I'm fairly certain that is not giving me the result I'm looking for. Also, I don't understand the coloring. In the Help file, it does not describe the marine colored lines that show up. What are those colors other than gray, red, blue, and purple?

    Primarily, what settings need to be set to discover orphans that do not exist in an entire folder tree against a separate folder tree?
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    The settings you've picked and configured are pretty much what I would recommend in this situation. Orphans are purple, while teal files are files that currently have a filter set, but either Suppress Filters is enabled or they are aligned to a non-filtered item. White folders are folders that are not currently scanned yet but are in queue for comparison; they should fill in with a color shortly. In the View menu -> Legend we have a full legend of colors in the Folder Compare.

    Setting the view to Ignore Folder Structure removes the folder structure, so if the file has the same name but is in different folders this view would still find and align that pair. If the file name exists multiple times on one side, we may not align the expected pair since the alignment occurs before we can compare the files. So if you have an odd number of files (3 ReadMe.txt on the left, 2 ReadMe.txt on the right), this may lead to an Orphan on one side that does exist on the other if it has already aligned due to multiple matches.

    What issue are you seeing with your purple/orphan files?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the reply, Aaron!

      So, in essence then, either the files didn't make it and are true orphans, or they did make it and there are multiple copies already? So there's no way to determine which is which?


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        There isn't an automatic method or filter to automatically find duplicates in the Ignore Folder Structure view, but if you sort by Filename, then all duplicate file names would appear next to each other in the list. If you switch back to Show All, your view will stay selected on the Orphan, and will then expose if there are matching pairs next to it.
        Aaron P Scooter Software