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Lost my menu - reinstalling did not help - how do I recover?

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  • Lost my menu - reinstalling did not help - how do I recover?

    I am a long time user of BC and just today ran into a problem where my menu is missing. I don't know why, but I have recently cleaned off a virus. My normal menu is gone and a variety of icons I am not really familiar with appear, many greyed out. The loss of the filter display is really disconcerting as searching for *.* vs *.xls* vs something else is a pretty basic task.

    So, first I tried running through the icons to see if there was a way to turn on and off menu items. I could not find anything to turn back on the text menu, nor force the filter to display like I would normally see with an out-of-the-box installation.

    I tried re-installing, but that has not changed anything. I can completely uninstall, but am afraid to lose my long list of sessions that I use for particular purposes.

    How do I recover? 1) the normal menu and 2) my existing sessions if I have to completely uninstall first?
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    If you right click on the Toolbar, select Customize, you can then set various options here. Visible items, etc, and Lock the toolbar.

    If this is insufficient and you do need to restore defaults, the Toolbar settings are stored in the registry. Launch RegEdit, then back up your current registry settings. Also launch BC2, and use the Tools menu -> Export to back up all of your current settings. You may lose settings attempting this fix. Then make sure BC2 is closed.
    Next, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare\ and there are two subfolders:
    Delete the Toolbars\ subfolder for each of these two locations. Relaunch BC2 and all of the toolbars should be back, though not necessarily in the correct location. Grab the three dots on the left side of each toolbar are re-position them as you see fit, then right click -> Customize, and set the icon size and Lock the toolbar to prevent accidental edits.
    Aaron P Scooter Software