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Steps to use to elminate manual alignment(s)

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  • Steps to use to elminate manual alignment(s)

    Please review the attachment(s) I would like steps to use to eliminate manual alignment(s),
    each time I open the files in BC manual alignment(s) are required, is there a configuration
    settings that is applicable to eliminate the required manual alignment, still using BC V2.2.7 ?
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    We do not have a method to save Aligns in the File Viewer/Text Compare. You would need to alter the Alignment settings to help better find the lines it should align to.

    Under the BC2 Tools menu -> Edit Current Rule, Alignment tab, you can alter these settings to help. Does Never align mismatches help?

    If not, which line numbers in 1.txt do you expect to align to which line numbers in 2.txt. You can enable the View menu -> Show Line Numbers to view the line numbers.
    Aaron P Scooter Software