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  19. Req: TFS-Specific, warn when merging old CS.
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  23. Is there a way to specify the line ending style for merge output?
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  26. manual select matching lines
  27. missing functions for 3-way merge
  28. in Merge Results, how can I tell what I did?
  29. scrolling problem
  30. missing "Explorer" submenu in merged output text area
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  48. Request for Merge feature(s)
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  57. How does 3-way merge actually work?
  58. How does 3-way merge actually work?
  59. minor update : major issue !! 3.1.10 -> 3.1.11 for fileviewer
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  61. Automate Merge
  62. How do I do a three way?
  63. I was expecting *directory* merge
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  91. Report getting generated as 30 MB HTML file
  92. Automatic Text Merge not wanted
  93. include all lines with conflicts to output file
  94. Text Merge Video
  95. Is there any way to display differences in BC3 like they were displayed in BC2?
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