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  1. Buttons on popup dialogs not rendered
  2. Comparing from command line broken
  3. Debian Wheezy adm64 install steps
  4. Segmentation fault
  5. Apply patch
  6. Two screens drawing issues
  7. Debian vs. Debian (older 64bit distros)
  8. Unable to establish SSH connection
  9. No vertical scroll bar in folder comparison
  10. bcompare4 repository not available
  11. sshfs instability
  12. Convert docx files
  13. File format dialog box - Miss placed buttons
  14. Two minor bugs
  15. Button background noise
  16. bc4 not recognized as git difftool
  17. crash while comparing file
  18. Menu performances
  19. bcompare- install errors
  20. File Name Folder Compare Ignore Case
  21. Support Samba Shares
  22. Display hidden files
  23. Wishlist: Allow both BC4 and BC3 to be installed at the same time.
  24. Session menu - click and release causes action
  25. NO_PUBKEY 331D6DDE7F8840CE
  26. Touch files after synchronizing them
  27. Context menus in Ubuntu Gnome 14.04
  28. Stop placing the .list file in sources.list.d
  29. Side-by-side installation with BC3?
  30. How to add compare opinion in context menu in Linux Mint 17?
  31. File manager content menu extension / Ubuntu 12.04
  32. BC4 Context menus in KDE / Dolphin
  33. Debian Testing - DEB package installation issues
  34. BC4 beta: Contextmenu compare allways compares file its self
  35. Why QT3?
  36. Exit confirmation dialog missing buttons
  37. BC4 horizontal scroll bars don't work
  38. CPU Count = 8
  39. 18509 is 18510
  40. "Current locale" is not US-ASCII
  41. Upgrade issue
  42. No text labels on toolbar buttons
  43. BC4 not starting at all unter Kubuntu 12.04 (64 bit)
  44. can't change font
  45. Concrete plans for 64 Bit version?
  46. Unable to upgrade to BC4 on Ubuntu 12.04
  47. Updating BC4 using a PPA?
  48. File alignment overide with regular expresion doesn't work
  49. publish a apt / deb repository
  50. BC4 on Linux (Fedora 20)
  51. BC4 in batch not creating log file
  52. How to get sessions back after updating
  53. BC4 no longer working with git after update
  54. Nowhere to enter license key with expired trial
  55. Installing BC4 on Debian Testing (Jessie)
  56. touch fails under non-root
  57. compare file attributes
  58. External Program not found
  59. segmentation violation
  60. Tab closes when file in another tab is modified by external program
  61. Add support for Archive types xz, tar.xz, txz and 7z.
  62. Error in using BC 3 pro in LINUX
  63. Beyond Compare on Linux Server
  64. Issue with keyboard shortcut while expanded "Find" panel open
  65. Git dir diff doesn't seem to match files
  66. Beyond Compare stopped working on Ubuntu 14.04...
  67. Context Menu is not working on Ubunutu 14.04
  68. Troubleshooting Linux Context Menus
  69. Linux Installation Instructions
  70. BC changing LF to CR+LF when copying files
  71. Forum timestamps truncated
  72. How to Linux command prompt?
  73. Upgrading from 4.0 to 4.1 beta 64-bit
  74. Search is Case Senstive even when "Match Character Case" not selected
  75. Export Settings - many added lines in exported files
  76. Options dialog missing maximize widget
  77. Actions >> Delete... - No files selected
  78. Errors to console when used on KDE 5
  79. "Java class to source" file format on Linux
  80. BC4 slowness on kernel 4
  81. Crash when saving file after edit (beta)
  82. low :::: some not found when installing bcompare-
  83. library "/usr/lib64/kde4/bcompare_ext_konq.so" does not offer a qt_plugin_instance
  84. Touch dialog crash - month/year bad values
  85. BC not running as Git diff/merge tool
  86. Is running Beyond Compare through Wine in Linux legal?
  87. Testing 4.1 Beta
  88. 4.1 Final ETA?
  89. BC 4.1 .tar.gz install failed b/c ldconfig isn't on the path
  90. bcompare- install problems (i.e., need help)
  91. Some issues on dark color schemes (KDE) with 4.1 (Build 20575)
  92. No tarballs?
  93. BC 4.1 Loading network drive fails: Value too large for defined data type
  94. Icons in Pop-Up menu lost
  95. Some dialogs like "profiles" not opening, causes BC4 to freeze
  96. JSON File Format for Linux
  97. Import Settings Crash
  98. BC 4.1 Slow Scrolling
  99. Unable to move file
  100. Slow start on Arch Linux
  101. Running 'bcompare' "as root"
  102. SFTP connection to certain host always rejected
  103. BC4 bails out for large files?
  104. Beyond Compare 4.12, sync problem.
  105. BC4 slow to start...
  106. can compare file permissions?
  107. Network installation on Linux
  108. BUG in the tar file of BC 4.1.3 tar file
  109. Aliginment override is not worked for 4.1.3 (Or just misunderstood?)
  110. Integrating BC4 with IntelliJ IDEA IDE on Linux Mint
  111. Where to download BC4 version 4.0.7
  112. First line of text rendered overlapping when started maximized
  113. Confirm reload dialog on wrong screen
  114. BC4 and GLIBC version?
  115. Why Help Menu's dosent work in Rhel 7.1
  116. Thumbnail view does not redraw on window size change
  117. BC3 suddenly (after many months) failing to start on Ubuntu
  118. bcompare cmd line args -title1/title2 not working.
  119. Folder compare, Ctrl+N, Ctrl+P hotey is not worked correct.
  120. Bc3 for linux not support filename include single quotation mark. (And suggest)
  121. Troubles integrating with git
  122. Performance is really really bad when long lines are involved
  123. [FEATURE REQUEST] new POSIX tar format realtime edit support.
  124. Load Workspace results in bad file diff snapshot until the file diff is reloaded
  125. All no differnce content in text compare is invisible
  126. Ubuntu 16.04 Graphical Installation Hangs
  127. Caret blink option
  128. High CPU use when using git difftool
  129. poor performance on Linux Mint 17.3
  130. modification for kde Framework 5
  131. install issue: Some Shared Libraries were not found
  132. apt update warning - Signature uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1)
  133. Configuration cache workings
  134. /usr/bin/bcompare: line 45: Aborted
  135. git difftool -d compares hang in Ubuntu 16.04
  136. BC4 4.1.7 Respoitory Not Signed.
  137. Reading NTFS
  138. OneDrive profile option missing
  139. Linux-specific Find issue
  140. Comparing folders/files on mobile phone
  141. Hexadecimal 'go to' dialog bug
  142. First line anomaly on Linux
  143. BC4 on Ubuntu: all dialog boxes are blank
  144. bcompare return code
  145. BCompare does not exit on Ubuntu 16.04
  146. Clipboard contents are cleared on exit
  147. What permissions are needed for "touch" (set/copy last modified date/time)?
  148. Tab in the view of alignment details
  149. "Compare To" does not always appear in context menu
  150. BC4 not loading on Ubuntu 16:10
  151. Using BC4 ,as Linux root, copies all files as root, regardless of ownership
  152. Bug when screen resolution is 3840x2160
  153. git difftool slow on Ubuntu 14.04.5
  154. Setting up file sharing for use of Beyond Compare to copy files
  155. Filename case respected when option is off - Mint 18.1 Serena MATE
  156. SFTP (SSH2) doesn't support ed25519?
  157. How to use beyond compare to compare between two git commits
  158. Beyond Compare missing in Dolphin's context menu
  159. Filter out symlinks
  160. sftp doesn't work with ssh keys on opensuse
  161. Improved support for dark themes
  162. External converter in file type not working.
  163. Question marks (unknown characters) in file sizes
  164. BC4 unusably slow on SUSE Linux 11 with Cygwin/X server.
  165. How to ignore first so many characters in a text file?
  166. Set as base folder and files disappear ?
  167. BCompare 4.19 and Earlier version crash in linux frequently.
  168. 1280x720 Lots of unused space
  169. Unable to work with Version 4.2 // FTP Slow // Too many open files
  170. Latest Version does not compare correctly on RHEL
  171. Help needed to install BC4 in Linux
  172. 4.2.2 BUG. Keep very high CPU usage when auto fresh serveal time in text compare
  173. version 4 and oracle enterprise linux 5.11
  174. High CPU (pegs at 100%)
  175. Square box charactes in BC 4 Latest Version
  176. BC script fails on Linux in non-interactive mode
  177. Support of RHEL 5/CentOS 5
  178. How I installed BCompare on Mageia 6 (x86_64)
  179. Fedora 26 - Context menus support: launching bc4
  180. BC4, how to test it its working after installing it
  181. Installing BC alongside a LiveCD ??
  182. CPU usage - single or mult-threaded ?
  183. Installing Linux BC4 under WSL
  184. Beyond Compare 4 KDE 5 Dolphin Service Menus
  185. bc4 on Fedora26
  186. BC4 4.2.3 for Linux not transferring not processing all selected files on Mint
  187. BC4 cannot copy same file to 2 different destinations simultaneously.
  188. BC 4.2.3 Segmentation Fault starting up on Xubuntu 17.04
  189. BC4 not opening subsequent comparisons in a new tab
  190. BC4 files vanished in move - anyway to recover?
  191. BC4 gets stuck on Scanning Folders
  192. My BC 4.2.3 32 bits always see files and folders as read only on my usb stick
  193. BC4 giving inconsistant results for the same folder/files compare
  194. BC4 displays size column incorrectly with ru_RU locale.
  195. Access hidden directories / files with program (Beyond Compare)
  196. Difficulties with BC4 (Linux) and Dropbox
  197. Advanced compare
  198. Folder/file display taking a very longt time ?
  199. No BC3, BC4, or BC for git diff.tool after BC4 Pro install on Centos 6.7
  200. process slow to exit after closing the UI
  201. Please help!!!
  202. Tweaks to make Unicode great again on Linux?
  203. Transparent window on Ubuntu with Nvidia graphics
  204. Blank bcompare when running on Ubuntu 16.04 as root (gksudo)
  205. 'Latest' version download link
  206. Ubuntu 18.04 - Linux Context Menu Manual Install
  207. bcomp missing?
  208. Display issues on Linux Mint 18.3
  209. apt-key warnings during package upgrade
  210. BC4/Ubuntu 18.04: BC4 Menus not working (File, Edit, etc.)
  211. File order in directory
  212. Comparing files & folders with accented characters on different file systems
  213. Please migrate Qt4 Pascal binding to Qt5
  214. BC4/Ubuntu 18.04 single press of 'p' key treated as F1
  215. Strean read error on audio files
  216. GitKraken?